Physics 15c

color hologram

Wave Phenomena

Forced oscillation and resonance; coupled oscillators and normal modes; Fourier series; Electromagnetic waves, radiation, longitudinal oscillations, sound; traveling waves; signals, wave packets and group velocity; two- and three-dimensional waves; polarization; geometrical and physical optics; interference and diffraction. Optional topics: Water waves, holography, x-ray crystallography, and solitons.

Spring 2018

Spring 2016

Spring 2015

Spring 2013

  • Lab #1: Simple Harmonic Oscillator
  • Lab #2: Interferometer
  • Lab #3: Fourier Optics
  • Lab #4: Holography
  • Projects: Bessel Beams, Optical Tweezers, Does the Method of Playing an Instrument Affect its Tone?, Color Holography, Computer-Generated Holography, The Complex Lives of Simple Chimes, Soliton Waves in Water, Architectural Acoustics: Reverberation in the SciBox, Scratch Holography, Sound Holography and Zone Plates

Fall 2011

  • Lab #1: Oscillations
  • Lab #2: Interferometer
  • Lab #3: Fourier Optics
  • Lab #4: Holography
  • Projects: Amplitude and Phase Modulation of Light, Bowing a String Instrument, Color Holography, Computer hologram, Eigenmodes of a Violin Body, Ether Wind, Holographic Interferometry, Holographic Optical Tweezer, Optical Tweezer, Quantum Eraser, Rubens tube, Sound Hologram, Speed of Light, Wind Instruments

 Spring 2007

Fall 1992